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Rhino Intro for 3D Printing

How to set up and export your Rhino file for 3D printing.

AutoCAD Site

How to set up a site in AutoCAD. Download the files from Google Drive below to follow along on your...

Rhino Site

How to set up a digital site model in Rhino. Handout Go to Google Drive to download the associated files....

Rendering in Maxwell

How to render a digital site model in Maxwell. Handout Help others find this tutorial! Comment something you learned so...

Converting AutoCAD to Illustrator

Handout Go to Google Drive to download the associated files, including the command and settings list. Help others find this...

Setting Up a Laser File for a Site Model

How to use Rhino to set up a file for laser cutting.

Beginner CNC Exercise

Learn basic operations of the CNC milling machine, and basic software setup.

Beginner Laser Cutter Exercise

Learn basic functions of the laser cutter, and basic file setup.

V-Ray Rhino Tutorial

How to render with V-Ray for Rhino.

Photoshop & Illustrator Introduction

This video will show you how to render a section drawing with Photoshop & Illustrator. Handout Download the associated files...

Choosing a Computer

The basics of computer hardware and software, and the pros and cons of Mac vs. Windows.

Representation Techniques

Learn basic representation techniques like light & shadow, line weights, and different types of drawings.