Contact TAs first if you need help. The Tech TAs can help with the CNC mill, laser cutters, metal working, and the concrete lab. The Computer Help Desk TAs can help with software questions, and the Print Shop TAs can answer questions about using the large-format printers.

Tech TAs

Alex Caskey


Alexandria Pankratz

Cheng Zhang

Computer Help Desk

Ashton Stare

Shynaiya Duffy

Print Shop TAs

Colin Donovan

Dan Jovilet

Faculty & Staff

Emanuel Jannasch

If the TAs are unable to help you, contact Emanuel for issues related to the laser cutters, concrete lab, metal-working tools, and 3D printers.

Carolyn Anne

Carolyn is in the Resource Centre on Tues, Wed, Thurs from 10-1:30. She’s there to help you find maps and other resources, and offers tech support for 3D printing.

Regan Southcott

Regan manages the woodshop, and is the primary contact for the CNC milling machine.

Woodshop Info

Ken Kam

Ken a photography expert. He manages the large-format print shop and photography studio.

Print Shop Info

Not sure who to contact?


Contact the Tech Team for general inquiries, and feedback about this website. Please use this form, or remember to put “Tech Team” in the subject of your email.